2011 Costume Year in Review


I spent most of the weekend cleaning, moving furniture and tossing out all kinds of things (still didn’t make it down to the sewing room, darn it!). So, I thought I would do a year end (a couple nine days late) wrap up of my sewing projects for 2011. It doesn’t really seem like I was so productive, but when I went back to look at the bigger picture, I’m a little impressed with myself. lol. We had 3 planned events, 1 Dinner in a Costume event, and a “tossed in just to have fun” event. Along with the side projects that I managed to squeeze out. It turned out to be a busy year. So, without further ado, here is the accounting of what came off the machine for 2011:

The EP 1st Annual Costume Ball:









Annie’s 18th Century gown and petticoat








My 1770’s Polonaise and petticoat
My 1720-1790 stays

The EP 2nd Annual Tipsy Tea:






My Victorian Tea ensemble
My Victorian Undergarments








Angie’s Victorian Tea ensemble

Dinner In a Costume – Claddagh Irish Pub






My Celtic ensemble

The EP 3rd Annual Regency Picnic









Annie’s Regency Dress
Annie’s Regency short stays








My Regency Wrap Dress
My Regency linen undergarments

The Mini Martha Washington Project








18th Century dress and petticoat

Katie’s Home Coming Dress








’80’s style bubble dress

Modern Driving Cape # 1







Plaid wool cape with removable hood

Modern Driving Cape # 2






Corduroy cape (no hood)

Victorian Cotton day dress








Simple Victorian day ensemble for the Old West Festival

Annie’s Victorian dress






Cotton dress and petticoat for the Old West Festival

Mens Victorian Ensemble








Bleach muslin shirt, brocade waistcoat and satin tie for the Old West Festival

So, there you have it, 2011 as seen in stitches. lol. This year looks to be just as busy, if not more so. Here’s to another productive year in 2012, and many more hours in the dungeon that is my sewing room with my best friend (Miss PJ), my machine (Anne), and the tv and dvd player is essential to my sanity while sewing. Until later… Happy Sewing!


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