Out with the old and in with the new


Well, it’s a new year, so I guess it’s time to look forward to another great year of costume work. And, none too soon, with our next event planned for next month. That’s right, the 2nd Annual Emerald Parlor Costume Ball is swiftly approaching. I need to get started on cranking out the costumes needed. I do, however, have a head start. I will not need to make Annie a new costume, as she will be wearing the Mini Martha Washington dress as her ball gown. (I knew that dress would come in handy.) As of right now, I just need to get cracking on the outfit for my hubby, as he plans to attend this year, if it doesn’t interfere with him writing the second installment to his zombie book series. After his is done, then I can concentrate on my new gown for this year. I have been debating on exactly what I want to make, and have been pouring museum examples and lovely recreations by other costume bloggers. I have several ideas, I just need to settle on a design. Here is just one of my many inspirational examples:

Robe a l'anglaise ca. 1770 - courtesy of The Metropolitan Museum of Art

As I am still undecided as to what I want to make for this year, so I will concentrate on getting  the hubby’s costume done. I want to get started on that this coming weekend, after I get it straightened up and a bookcase moved it. lol. Guess I have my work cut out for me, huh?

In other costuming news, we have all started planning for a joint project. This project has no deadline, and we will not set an event for these gowns until everyone is done. We ladies have decided to do a joint themed project called “The Wives of Henry VIII”.  We have each picked one of Henry’s wives, and we will create a costume that we feel personifies that wife. I have picked Henry’s ill-fated second wife, Anne Boleyn. For this costume, I know what I want make, it’s been embedded in my head since watching the movie, “Anne of a Thousand Days.” I have created a diary page for this on my side bar, and have posted up a screen cap of the dress there. Be sure to take a peek if you’re curious.

As for the rest of the costumes for the year, we still have the 3rd Annual EP Tipsy Tea – the theme for this year is the 1950’s, and the 4th Annual EP Regency Picnic. Of course, we will have our Dinner is a Costume events tossed in there as we can, and maybe a few other costumed trips thrown in just for fun, which may or may not involve Victorian costumes. 😉 But, in the mean time, back to planning for the up coming ball.


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