I still know how to blog….. I think?

Sorry for the radio silence of late. Life have been a little hectic this month. I have been knitting, and the only sewing I have done is to repair a couple pairs of dress pants for an old band mate. Other than that I have been running myself ragged. So far there have been numerous trips to the stores, a couple of trips to the urgent care (Katie has an abscess above her belly button, poor kid), and our trip earlier this month to Amish country. We had a blast! Here is what we did:

On the way down, we stopped off at the covered bridge called the Bridge of Dreams. Here’s a pic taken looking out over the river:

View from the Bridge of Dreams

We have only stopped at this bridge a couple of times, and we love it. We are discussing a special trip to the bridge just to do a photo shoot in our historical costumes. It’s the perfect setting. Next up we have the first winery we stopped at:

Breitenbach Winery

We love to visit Breitenbach! And not just because of the wine tasting. lol. They have a great variety of fruit wines. They even have jellies made from their wines. Yum! Next stop:

Swiss Family Heritage Winery

This winery is directly across the road from Breitenbach. How we have never noticed it until this trip, I’ll never know. lol. They also have a great selection of wines. They even have a watermelon wine called Coal Miner’s Daughter. On top of brewing wine, they also make their own cheese! How much better can it get? lol. Between the 3 of us that went (Miss Elma, Miss PJ and myself), we had a case wine. We each bought 2 bottles from each winery. Here’s the proof:

We packed the wine into the back, next to our lunch. Our next stop was:

Walnut Creek Grocery

Walnut Creek Grocery is another favorite place to stop. It looks like a bunch of store fronts built next to each other, but it’s really all one store with everything under the sun in it. lol. They have the best bulk grocery items, especially in the baking section. We always stock up on things we use, and usually pick up things that others need, like the actual silver bee bee candies for Christmas cookies. After shopping for our bulk groceries, we had lunch. It was a warm enough day that we could sit at one of the picnic tables at the edge of the parking lot. Granted, everyone stared at us and wondered why we were having a picnic in December. lol. But, that’s just us.

From there we made our way into Berlin to shop at Sol’s Exchange. It’s been awhile since PJ and I stopped in. I found several lovely paintings printed on canvas that I fell in love with. They were by an artist named Billy Jacobs. They have them in various sizes for more than reasonable prices. I just wish I had more money to spend, ’cause I would’ve come home with all the ones that I loved. I did buy one that is about a 10″x13″ print titled “Buck County Homestead”. This one was my absolute favorite. I will be saving up and going back for more. Here is what my print looks like:

Buck County Homestead print by Billy Jacobs

After our stop at Sol’s, our intent was to hit Guggisberg Cheese Factory. We headed over there at about 4, as they normally close at 5, but it was just our luck that they closed at 3 for the company Christmas party. Really??? No cheese this trip. 😦 From there we headed home. And, on the way home, Mother Nature decided that we had to have a great view. It was such a beautiful sunset. The perfect end to the perfect shopping day. Here is what we saw:

We are planning to go back in March for Miss PJ’s birthday. I can’t wait.

Well, it’s getting late, and it will be time for bed soon. So, here’s one late pic. It’s one of our Christmas tree:

Merry Christmas to everyone! I’ll be back before the New Year to post a Year End Review.


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