Dresses, spiders and capes! Oh my!


As you can see in the pic to the left, I was able to get Katie’s dress for Home Coming finished. She definitely have a one of kind dress, unlike a friend of her’s. Her friend purchased a dress, and was upset to see about five other girls wearing the exact same thing. But, Katie’s dress came out smashing. I love the color combination that she picked, and am very satisfied with how it came out, even if I do hate gathering. lol. (You can check out the project page for this dress on the side bar.)

*to see a review of this pattern, please check The Emerald Parlor. I will be posting a review of this pattern in the McCall’s review section.

After I was finished with Katie’s, I was able to start on a project for myself, as a reward. I made myself another Modern Driving Cape (see side bar for the pate on this project). For this one, I use black corduroy and turquoise flannel. I picked out some La Mode Vintage inspired buttons with a leaf pattern.  I love the way this one came out. I see this one getting lots of use, especially with my cloche hat I purchased. I think I will be making some knitted and/or felted flowers to attach to the cloche. I dare say that I will be warm and stylish in this ensemble. 😉


Now, for the last part of my title…… the spider. When I came home from work, I changed into my comfy clothes, and got started on laundry. While I was in the laundry room, putting soap into the load, Annie was coming to talk to me, when she let out a blood curdling scream, and shouted that there was a spider. I would still like to know how she saw this sucker in the semi dark, but she did. It was on the door frame of the hall closet, about 3 feet from where I was standing. Well, needless to say, I was trapped in the laundry room. (I have sever arachnophobia, and my girls take right after me.) We had to attack this sucker from two sides. Katie had to spray it with hairspray until it dropped to the floor. Once on the floor, I was able to smash it to bits with a tennis shoe. It may not look like much to you, but this sucker was huge!!! He looks small in the pic, but his body was about the size of my thumb! Eek!

Time to finish watching Kill Bill Vol. 1 and cleaning house! Happy Sewing!


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