Feed Me Seymour!


The past couple of days, I have been busy working on a dress for Katie’s home coming dance, which is this Saturday. Since we are a little cash poor, and I’m a little fabric stash rich, we decided that I would make Katie’s dress. She picked McCall’s 5850. She wants the bubble skirt, with shirred midriff and shoulder straps. Going through the stash, she picked the left over satin from my wedding, which was last October. The main part of the dress being the lime green, and the shirred midriff being turquoise. For the lining we used some left over purple broad cloth. Let me just say that I really hate gathering. Did I mention how much I hate gathering?

Well, this evening I got the bodice done, and started on the skirt. After much cursing, I got the skirt together the way it should be. However, it looks like something from an old comedic musical. lol. Meet Audrey III:

Feed me all night long!This is what we saw when I laid the skirt on the ironing board, and opened it to make sure it looked okay. Katie started laughing, and said it looked like a plant. That’s when I started to since Little Shop of Horrors. Once the gathering really got on my nerves, I called it quits for the night. All I have left to do is to finish the 2 remaining pieces of the 3 shirred midriff pieces, sew the midriff to the bodice, the skirt to the midriff, and sew in the zipper and hook & eye. I should have it done tomorrow night. 😉 Pics to come when it’s done. Happy Sewing!


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