Victorian Mayhem

My Goodness! It’s been a sewing marathon Chateau de Tonia. Today is the first day that I haven’t found myself sitting behind my sewing machine since last Thursday. In that time, I have completed my underskirt, overskirt, and bodice. Along with Annie’s dress, just about. But, today saw us (me and the hubby) making the rounds at the thrift stores to find a pocket watch for his Old West/Victorian costumes. We did find one reasonably priced, and then made a trip to JoAnn’s to get a chain and clasps for it.

As always, I am very pleased with the way my outfit came out. I love Truly Victorian patterns. They are a blessing when you have a time restriction. I did get to use a new pattern this time around. I wanted a shorter overskirt, so I used TV303 – Side draped overskirt. It turned out great, and exactly as I wanted. I have updated the page on the side bar for this outfit (Victorian Cotton Day Dress). I will post more pics once I have everything complete, as I just need to make my hat. I will also be posting a pattern review on the Emerald Parlor.

As for Annie’s dress, I pretty much made her’s yesterday. I did have an issue with the square yoke for this pattern, but is totally my fault. I really need to have a better understanding of them before I use this pattern again. I did work around, in my own way. lol. But, it came out looking nice. I just need to make a large pink bow for the back, and sew on the hook and eyes. I have also updated the page on the side bar for this dress (Victorian Girls’ Outfit). *please note: the pic to the left was just a quick shot during one of the fittings we did.*

As for the rest of my sewing, I still have my husband’s shirt, vest and satin tie to make. I have everything cut out, I just need to get down to the sewing. I will be getting back to it bright and early tomorrow, once I’ve dropped the girls off to school. I’m glad that I’m on “vacation” this week, as this allows me time to get all of this sewing done. I can’t wait till we get to wear everything.

Guess it’s time for bed, as I watch the replay of tonight’s new episode of Ghost Hunters. Until later… Happy Sewing!


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