It’s about time Friday got here….

After having such a great weekend, with the Regency picnic and all, my week started with a bang! Or lack of, I should say. lol. Monday morning, as the girls and I left the house for our normal day, we found that the car wouldn’t open with the remote. I thought, okay, maybe the battery in the remote is dead, I’ll just use  the key. But, when I turned the key in the lock twice to unlock all the doors, only mine unlocked. This had me slightly worried. It was when I opened my door that I heard a familiar ticking sound, that I became really worried. This was a sound that I have heard before, out of my old Kia, except it was from under the hood, instead of inside of the dash. It sounded like a bad relay switch. That meant a trip to the dealership, as I’m not trying to pull my dash apart. Well, long story short (I know, too late! :P), after using my husband car to get Annie to school (Katie hitched a ride with a classmate across the street), and going into the office for about an hour to make sure everything was handed over, I went back to the house to call for a tow truck. I waited 2 1/2 hrs for the tow truck, then waited about 4 hrs for it to be looked at (busy day at the dealership), just to find out that it was a battery. The car battery. I guess the ticking in the dash is an indicator that the battery is dead. Really? So, Tuesday flew by. Wednesday saw me asleep on the couch by 9:30 pm. Then, along came Thursday. I had to pick Annie up from mom’s, and Katie up from the high school after marching band practice. I rushed home, made dinner (fried pork chops, mashed potatoes and cream of corn, I forgot to make the gravy), and just before I head to the sewing room to alter Katie’s uniform (again), and her friend Amanda’s uniform, we found that the copper pipe under the sink had corroded just under the drain, and was leaking. So much for trying to do the dishes after finishing up in the sewing room. A trip to the hardware store after work will get the job done. I hope.   O.o

On the other hand, this weekend, Miss PJ and I will be shopping for fabric to make our Victorian cotton day dresses for the Old West Festival. I want to find a nice cotton print in shades of blue. I have taken a liking to shades of blue lately. Plus, I will be adding to my Victorian wardrobe, which makes me a very happy girl. 🙂 I already have what I need to make Annie a nice dress, and my husband a shirt and vest to wear. We will be going on Oct. 1st, which doesn’t seem like a lot of time to sew a complete dress for Annie, a complete dress for myself, and a shirt and vest for the hubby. But, considering I have the whole week before off for vacation, I hope to have everything done, with time to spare. Cross your fingers for me! 😉

Well, I can’t just leave you with a post like this. It has to have a pic. So, here’s a ramdom pic from my cell phone. It’s Vinny, laying on my feet after Katie left the house with a friend. Happy sewing!

Vinny, the foot warmer

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