The Perfect Picnic

Saturday was another perfect Emerald Parlor event! It was the Third Annual Regency Picnic. We originally held the picnic in August, but after last years squelching heat and pouring rain, we decided to move it back to better weather. It was a great move. We had a great day. Angie arrived a little earlier than we did. We were running late, as always. lol. She found that the Oak Grove Pavilion at Buck Creek was available. It’s the perfect shelter house for our picnic, affording us shade, a large amount of space, and protection from the small threat of rain that passed overhead. We did have some party crashers, the bees. I swear, I hadn’t seen a bee all summer, but that made up for it completely. lol.

Cassi, PJ, Patty, Angie, me and Elma

Our picnic has grown, again, this year. We hope this trend keeps up, and that we can get more people to join us next year. And, as always, we had plenty of good food and good company. We enjoyed walking a few of the trails, sitting, chatting, munching and generally enjoying ourselves. The little girls had a blast playing on the grass surrounding the pavilion, while us ladies had tea, a few extra spoonfuls of dessert, and great discussions.


Wrap dress for 2011

I am very proud to say that my wrap dress came out great. I love it! The color combination was very nice, even if it is one of my safe colors. It’s minimal in design and accessories. And, now that I have several dresses in my Regency wardrobe, I can rotate them, and design a few more as I have time.                                                                                                                                                                            Speaking of designing, the next project up is a cotton walking dress for the Old West Festival. A group of us will be going this year, and I can’t wait. But, more on that later. So, until then, Happy Sewing!                                                                                                                                                                        *To see more about my dress for this event, please visit my project page on the side bar, and my Flickr album.
















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  1. Angie says:

    You know that first bee was scout! Had to signal for the whole bee brigade because your lemonade and PJ’s fruit salad was too good to pass up!

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