From racing stripes to fine stripes

My dream car

This weekend saw a lot of progress. I was able to get my Regency long stays completely finished, by adding a few extra zip bones to stabilize the areas where it buckles, and getting the bias tape across the bottom done. Then, Miss PJ arrived. After an industrious afternoon, in which I was able to draft my pattern, get the lining cut and sewn for the mock up, we made a trip to the grocery store to see about dinner. And, to our surprise, we came across a car show in the parking lot of the multiplex. We couldn’t resist drooling over our favorite models. Mine? A 1969 Z28 Camaro. Granted, I’m not crazy about the color yellow, but if it was given to me on the spot, I wouldn’t say no. lol. Some day, I will have one. But, back to the sewing. 😉 By the time we called it quits for the night, I had the bodice completely done.  We have also realized that Jane had corrupted PJ’s dress form, Daisy May. We think they have booby trapped the sewing room. It seems that all the decorative shelves I hung up, have been loosened, as they have been falling on PJ. She was attempting to get a movie off the large shelf, when it popped off the wall, and everything fell on her. Then, on Sunday, she was standing on the rocking chair to open the window, and one of the smaller shelves fell on her. Guess we’re going to have to keep a close eye on those two. lol.

A sneak peek

Sunday, we got started around 1 or so. I was able to get the skirt panels cut, and attached. Once I got the skirts on, I sort of hit a wall about how to trim it. As my purse is close to the empty side right now (school fees, band fees, and the like), I dug around in my trim collect to see what I had. I came up with a cream trim that had gold embroidery on it, or a burgundy braided trim. I pinned both to the dress on Jane, in many different configurations, and spent several hours thinking it over, while watching several versions of Emma. Can you guess which one I went with? lol. I was able to get that sewn on this evening, which watching episodes of The Haunted on Animal Planet. All I have left are the 2 decorative buttons, and the hook and eye closures. I can say, without a doubt, that I am very satisfied with how this dress has turned out. I will be taking finished pics to post in a few days. In the mean time, this coming weekend, we will be making bonnets to go with our lovely Regency dresses. Good thing, since the picnic is next weekend. Besides, what better way to spend a three day, holiday weekend that I’m on call for? Until later… Happy Sewing!


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