Progress? Not so much…..

Last night, I was able to work on Annie’s new Regency dress for the picnic. We made a last minute change on the sleeves. I had cut out the poofy sleeves and linings, but thought that maybe she needed a bit of a change from the previous two dresses I have made for her. So, we discussed it. She said that she would like a form fitting sleeve that went to the elbow. That was fine with me, less time and less effort on the sleeves. I did have to measure to make sure that there was enough to cut the new sleeves, and still get the skirt panels that I needed. We got lucky, there was just enough. After cutting the new sleeves and linings, I made quick work of getting them sewn, and attached to the bodice. That was all I got done last night, as it was then time for dinner, and I had to pick Katie up from a late band practice. I had great hopes of getting the skirt panels cut this evening, and attached to the bodice, but that didn’t happen. It seems that I have developed a sinus infection. I left work early today, at about 2:30, came home, drank some hot green tea with honey, took a few tylenol, and napped on the couch, after taking Katie to band practice. I feel a little better, but not good enough to work in the sewing room this evening. I will have to go to work in the morning, and I can only hope that I feel good enough to work on her dress tomorrow evening. This weekend will see me back in the sewing room with Miss PJ, so we can keep working. The picnic is fast approaching, and I still have so much to do. So, here’s to guzzling orange juice, sucking down chicken noodle soup and hoping this won’t keep me down too long. 😉


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