Weekend Train Wreck


My weekend was a train wreck. That’s all I can call it. lol. As everything was derailed. This was due, unfortunately, to an emergency repair at PJ’s house. Her house is an old Victorian, built around 1865 or so. So, when she called me on Friday to say that we needed to change the weekend plans of cutting fabric and drafting patterns from my house to her house this weekend, it was because the floor in the downstair bath was falling in, literally (as seen above). She did know that she would eventually have to repair the floor, as the toilet started to wabble, but when the toilet turned, she knew it had to be done now. Good thing, as when they removed the bath tub, the floor had completely collapsed from under it. The rest of the weekend became a flurry of trips to the hardware store (mostly for poor PJ), with a little bit of fabric cutting and some drafting. Then, Sunday was thrown completely off, as I was on call for my job, and a trucking company failed to move some of our freight on time. This left me to scramble from home to get the local office to help me get my freight back, and moving a different way. It still didn’t make it on time. Happy Monday, huh? lol. All I can do at this point is laugh.

As for what we were able to accomplish, lol, we were able to get PJ’s underdress for her Regency gown cut out, the overdress drafted, and the bodice lining for her open robe drafted. Hopefully, she will be able to make it over this evening to cut out her mock ups and sew them together. I will be working on finishing Annie’s dress, that way I can clear the way for mine. I need to finish sewing the sleeve for her dress and get them attached to the bodice, and then drape the skirts and hem. From there, I will be free to draft and work on my gown. Good thing, too, as we only have 3 weekends left before the picnic. Not yet panic time, but it’s getting close. Plus, Miss Elma just brought it to my attention that we haven’t come up with a menu, yet. Blah! Guess it’s time to crack down and get everything settled, huh? lol. Well, until later….. Happy Sewing!


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