Quick fixes and new undies


On our trip to Kent State, we stopped in Mansfield and I purchased a pair of cotton cargo capris. From the very first time I wore them, they bagged around my hips, instead of them sitting where they needed to be. And, when I carried my cell phone in my pocket, the side that it was one, drooped dangerously low. One morning last week, while walking from my car to the office door and tugging them back up into place, I had an idea of how to fix them.
The idea I had was simple, and all I needed was two rolls of black twill tape. I headed out to JoAnn’s during my lunch that day, and picked up one roll of black twill tape that was 1″ wide, and one roll that was 1/2″ wide. I wasn’t able to get around to fixing them until this past weekend. Here is what I did:

1.) Seam ripped all the belt loops off. No easy task, as they were sewn on with a fine satin stitch.

2.) Stitched in a button hole on each side of the fly area, about 1″ out.

3.)Pinned the 1″ twill tape around the inside of the waist band, tucking the cut edges under, making sure to take it a 1/2″ past the new button holes. Stitched down the twill tape across the top, down one end, across the bottom and back up the other end. Making sure that the twill tape is completely sewn down.

4.) With the 1″ twill tape securely in place, the 1/2″ twill tape was ran through.

My droopy cargo capris now have a draw string, and droop no more. And let me add that just adding the 1″ wide twill tape immediately made them fit better. The twill tape offered a more stable waist band, with very little stretch and give. Now, the draw string just adds a little extra security.(For more photos of how I did this, please check out the Just Blame Jane flickr stream.)

The rest of my weekend was spent working on my new set of Regency stays. Since I finished off my new chemise the weekend before, the stays had my full attention. I was going to use 3 layers of linen for my stays, but the 3 layers just didn’t have the hold that my plush figures needs. So, I picked up a yard of drill to use. I had intended the drill to be the inter lining, but it looked so crispy and nice, it became the cover fabric. Despite late starts, and frequent stops to make dinner and such, I was able to get them just about finished. I just need to drive 4 more grommets per back panel, add a few reinforcing bones to the back seams and center back, as it buckles due to my ample backside, add the busk, and sew on the bias tape across the bottom. I must say that this set of stays definitely gives me the “oomph” need to get the correct Regency silhouette. I can’t wait to finish my new stays, so I can start the new gown for this year. I have a feeling that this will be my favorite Regency outfit yet. 😉

Besides working on my undergarments, I started on Annie’s new Regency gown. This year, her dress will be blue. I haven’t taken any photos yet, but I have the bodice sewn together, and fitted. I am currently working on the sleeves. This is the same pattern that I have used for the past 2 Regency dresses I have made for her. I have a feeling this may be the last year for it, and I’ll have to start drafting patterns for her.

With the storms rolling through right now, the electric may go out at any time. So, I will leave you with a photo of the Scottish Thistle that is growing in my back yard, next to the tomato garden.

*for behind the scenes photos from my sewing room, be sure to check out the Just Blame Jane flickr stream.


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  1. Angela says:

    You know, I need to do this to a couple pair of NY & Co. cargoes I own! This is a great idea and a simple fix (thank you)! And don’t you know, I’ll be ripping out satin-stitched belt loops, too – lol!

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