Cleaning and mending


I was really looking to make progress this weekend, and boy, did I ever. Saturday started off a little late, but once I got moving, I was on a roll. I picked up a small bookcase for the sewing room, as we are in desperate need of storage and organization. After I got that put together and in place, everything started coming together nicely. I spent most of Saturday cleaning and organizing. Toward the end of the day, I decided to get started on Annie’s dress for the Regency picnic. This is when I discovered that it was time for my baby girl to have a set of stays. I was heartbroken. 😦 She is growing up too fast. After thumbing through my patterns, I decided that I would make her a set of short stays. I pulled out a bolt of twill and cut at an extra small of the Sense and Sensibilities short stays. After I got the mock up cut out and sewn together, I discovered a couple of things. 1.) the straps were waaaay too long for her, and 2.) she doesn’t need the bust guessets. So, I guess these can be considered “practice” stays. lol. This morning, I got up and set to work finishing them. All I can is, when working with this pattern, be sure to make the arrows on the ends of the straps clearly, or you will end up seaming ripping them off all three layers, and fixing them the way I had to. By the time I was done, Annie had a nice little pair of stays. Please excuse the mess in the back corner, I haven’t gotten to that corner, yet. 😉

After I got her stays finished, I was able to do a mock up of her dress bodice, and then get to some mending that I had sitting around the sewing room (mainly in that messy corner, lol). I fixed 2 pairs of shorts for my husband, and a pair of his slacks. I fixed the neckline in an old muslin shift that used to be Katie’s, and I repaired Annie’s Federal Ball gown. As you can see in the photo to the left, she enjoyed trying it on to make sure all the repairs were done. She was going to be Martha Washington for Halloween, but as we were watching the 1st Pirates of the Caribbean movie, she now wants to wear this dress and be a young Elizabeth Swan. lol. At least the switch will be easy, as the gown is already made.

Oh! And I did pick up a few fabric samples the other day. I am considering them for a few projects I have brewing in the back of my brain. But, I think I will save those for another day. So, until then….. Happy Sewing!


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