Secret Projects and pumpkins


This past week has been on the busy side, again. I have been working on a “secret” project with PJ and Angie for the EP blog. It started out on the simple side, and as per our usual, it blew up to slightly pricey, slightly complicated, real quick. lol. But, what can I say? We have great ideas, and while we are working on them, we flashes of brilliance on how to make it better. But, there will be more on this later. I can’t say anymore, as we are still working on this project.

Anyway! PJ and I packed up early yesterday morning, and set out for Dayton to visit Angie. This trip was a multipurpose trip. It was mostly to work on the secret project, and to visit with Angie (as her mother-in-law passed away last week), and to pick up fabric. Last month we were able to place a bulk fabric order. PJ ordered a bolt of royal blue satin for her Women of Henry VIII project. She is dressing an Jane Seymour, Angie is dressing as Anne of Cleves, and I am dressing as Anne Boleyn. And shame on me, as I can’t remember off hand who Elma is dressing as. Bad costumer, bad costumer! lol. But, back to fabric. For my birthday, Angie ordered me a bolt of 100% cotton gauze in black, for my 1860’s sheer dress, which I have slated for sometime in the future. lol. I love my sister, she knows the perfect gifts to give. 😉 But, we had a good day. We arrived around noon, sat and chatted while munching on fresh fruit and veg for a couple of hours. Then we got down to business and worked on the secret project for about 5 hours. After that, we sat and chatted and munched some more. PJ and I finally left around 9:30. But, only after a healthy dose of neighborhood drama, in which the police were called. And, let me just say that the Dayton police have a much better sense of humor than most other police departments I have seen. They parked a couple of cars behind my car, where we stood talking about other EP business, and joked on the way by that we were the trouble makers. lol. After the hour drive home, I dropped PJ off at her house, came home, hauled everything in (dumping it in the living room), and joined my husband on the neighbor’s deck for a beer to unwind. All in all, it was a great Saturday.

This morning, I got up to let the dogs out, and decided to take a peek in the spontaneous pumpkin patch (I put the pie pumpkins we used as center pieces at the wedding on the deck for the birds to pick at over the winter, and the big dog dragged one down into the yard, where the seeds sprouted come spring) we have growing in the back yard, as it has been flowering like crazy for a while. And I was surprised to see several tiny pumpkins growing up under all the leaves! If we get a good enough harvest, I should be able to make my pumpkin butter completely from scratch this fall! Yum!

Ok! Off to do some research, while the house is still quiet. Happy sewing!




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  1. Miss Elma says:

    Secret project???? ARGH! Curiosity is killing me now – meow! lol

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