Family Heirlooms and Teacup Pincushions


Today has been a lazy, but interesting day. This morning, I was up on the early side (but not as early as I normally am, lol). I decided that it was a good morning to do a small craft project that I found earlier this week. A teacup pincushion. I grab a stray teacup from the corner hutch, a scrap of an interesting fabric from the sewing room, as well as the rest of the supplies I needed. I did take pics of every stage of my project, and have created a tutorial page for anyone that may want to make one. You can find it here. This was such a quick and easy project. I will be making more, as I have more stray teacups on my glassware stash in the garage. Besides, we need more pincushions in the sewing room. Maybe then, there won’t be so many on the floor for me to step on. lol.

My mom came to visit this morning, and she brought me something exciting. A couple of family heirlooms! My paternal grandfather died when I was 17. When we cleaned out his house, we found all kinds of interesting things. I think Grandpa was a hoarder. We found everything from a closet full of rolls of toilet paper and antique furniture to multiple Shirley Jean fruitcake tins full of buttons, car signal bulbs and keys. We did find two small ambrotypes. One was a man, and the other was a woman. At the time, I knew they were old, and taken sometime around the Civil War. I even took them in to show my American History class my senior year. I had a few passing thoughts about them over the two decades since Grandpa passed. With my upcoming costume projects for mid-19th c. clothing, I was trying to remember to ask mom if I could barrow them to study them. Then, just last week, mom called me and asked how much I thought she could get for them. I told her that she probably wouldn’t get much (as they do have some damage to the photos), and whatever she could get, I would give her, as I wanted them. Well, mom came over this morning and gave them to me. Upon closer inspection (since I haven’t seen them in y-e-a-r-s!), I noticed that there was a very strong family resemblance. The man strongly resembles my grandpa, and I can see features of both in my own face. I need to do some research, but I’m pretty sure they are either my great-great grandparents, or my great-great-great grandparents.


I noticed while inspecting the ambrotype of the woman that she must have been wearing a broach, as they dotted the glass where it is with gold paint. I think these were taken between 1865 to 1868, based on the bodice design of the dress. After taking a good look at her photo, I have decided to recreate her gown, eventually. Since the photo is in black and white, I will have find a suitable dark fabric to use. A navy, deep burgundy, dark hunter green or black will work, as long as it has a small floral or polka dot print that gets close to the photo above.

So, all in all, it’s been a very good, lazy day. Tomorrow, I will probably have to tackle more of the sewing room. (I really should, as I have so much to do down there. lol) Until later, Happy Sewing!


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