Fireworks and sunburns


I hope everyone had a happy Independence Day! We had a very good weekend. We started with Friday night, walking into downtown Columbus from PJ’s house to watch Red, White & Boom. It’s been years since I have actually gotten that close to downtown for this event. I forgot just how crowded the streets get, as you can see in the photo to the left. This was taken from the middle of the intersection of W. Broad St and Starling. There is a street under there, I promise. lol. We picked a good spot this year, as we had to stand looking up to see the show. After the show, we walked back to PJ’s, to wait for the traffic to die down.

Saturday dawned dreary and early. I had to have Katie over to the high school at about 7 am, as they had a parade to march in. Too bad Mother Nature wasn’t in the mood for a morning parade. A storm blew in from the west, and as most of the kids are walking lightening rods with their instruments (especially Katie, who plays tuba!), it wasn’t looking too promising. All the band directors approached the parade co-ordinators to see if they would delay the parade until the storm blew over. The parade co-ordinators said the parade would proceed, rain or shine. Too bad! All four bands withdrew and went home. The plans for the rest of the day was to rearrange and clean up the sewing room. PJ and I made very good progress on that front, after a trip to Lowe’s. At Lowe’s we picked up some peg board and hardware. The plan is to make a door for the electric box hole in the far wall. This will do double duty. It will cover the unsightly electric box, and give us a place to hang scissors and tools.

On Sunday, we had made plans to go to Deer Creek beach. Again, I was up bright and early, as Annie needed a new bathing suit. How she ended up with two tops that fit and no bottoms is beyond me! lol. We trooped off to the store, and found her a new one. We hit the beach around noon, and set up camp, so to speak. lol. I promptly applied my SPF100, as I am extremely fair and resemble a lobster when I burn. Katie, on the other hand, learned a painful valuable lesson. When mom says put on a sun screen that is stronger than SPF6, do it! lol. She got such a burn, that she has been unable to sleep confortably for the past few nights. But, that’s a teenager for you – has to learn the hard way!

On Monday, it was back to PJ’s house for a cook out and birthday celebration for her Aunt. It was a nice, lazy day at her house. She grilled up some hamburgers and hot dogs, and we munched the afternoon away.

I will be spending my evenings in the sewing room, of the rest of the week, to finish straightening things up, and finding homes (or the trash) for the clutter. My goal is to be able to sit down this weekend (while I’m on call for work), and make those summer tops that I have been wanting. I also need to get started on my husband’s Colonial costume, as we want to go to Colonial Williamsburg this fall. Then, I need to get started on the Regency dresses for the picnic in September. You can see the pattern, right? So, let the sewing madness begin….. After I finish cleaning the sewing room. 😉


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