Lazy Days and Bumble Bees

Historic Gantz Farmhouse

I spent the day being lazy and having fun. Why did I do this? Because it’s my birthday! lol. After making a trip to the BMV (making the state of Ohio $82 richer), I made my way over to Gantz Park to wander the herb gardens at the historic Gantz Farmhouse. I usually try to do this around my birthday. It’s very relaxing to stroll around the herb gardens, smelling the fragrant herbs and plotting what I want to try to plant next year. 😉 This year was better than before. While taking photos of the herbs that caught my eye, I ran into one of the volunteer gardeners, and after a conversation on hops, he offered to prepare some cuttings of their hops and passion flowers. I’ll be going back mid-week to pick them up. I’ll be planting these at the base of the deck, as we will be covering the underside with lattice, an want the hops and passion flowers to grow up the lattice.

Besides strolling and taking photos, I was offered some of the leftover potted herbs from the spring herb sale. I cleaned up at a $1 each. But, what caught my attention was the bumble bees. There  many, floating from flower to flower, helping to pollinate. I loved to watch them float lazily around the garden. Makes me wish I could spend my day tending my own gardens, and that they look like gardens at Gantz Farm. lol.

Simplicity 7756

As for celebrating my birthday, Katie made me a cake from scratch, my mom and dad brought me an ice cream cake, and my loving husband brought me a dozen roses. Then, this weekend, a group of us will be going out to dinner, and we will be making it an EP Dinner in a Costume event. The theme is Celtic, but I can’t say where we are going before the event. We have decided to keep it a secret until afterward. lol. However, on the left is the costume I made for this special day. I am still undecided about the shirt. If it’s going to be blazing hot, I may swap it out for one of my old short sleeve Ren blouses. We’ll see! 😉 I will post more after Saturday. But in the mean time, I have plans rolling around in my head for another 18th Century costume, a mid-19th Century sheer dress, and my Civil War ball gown. Happy Sewing!


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