Gettin’ Wenchy with it!


My birthday is coming up in just a few short weeks. To celebrate, we will be doing an Emerald Parlor “Dinner in a Costume” feature. We are looking at a several Irish themed pubs in the Columbus area to dine at, so it is only fitting that we go with a Celtic theme for costumes. This is an easy theme for most of the group, considering my husband is of Irish decent, and proudly wears his family tartan kilt. lol. (Oh.My.Goodness! A man is always sexier in a kilt! Especially my man! ;})For me, I do have a Celtic themed costume from several years ago, but it doesn’t fit very well. I had used Simplicity 3623 (a.k.a. 0663 or 8855), however, the bodice pieces are grossly mis-sized. I cut the size I would normally use, took it in 2″ on each side, and it was still too large. I figure at this point, my options are to A) remake the bodice for this costume or B) make another costume. I think I have firmly settled for option B! lol. I want to revisit the very first costumes Angie and I ever made.

Simplicity 7756 – OOP

Way back in the day (somewhere around 1998), Angie and I started stalking the fabric stores and hording patterns. This was among the very first patterns we snatched up. More importantly, this was the very first costumes we made. lol. We both made the dress on the left (minus the apron and donut hat) in whatever fabrics we had on hand. Angie used a pastel cotton plaid for her underskirt and overdress, and white broad cloth for the shirt. In my case, I used a peach broad cloth for the underskirt, purple broad cloth for the overdress, and white broad cloth for the shirt. And, if I remember correctly, I used frog closures for the front of my dress. lol. (Sorry, no pics available. We never took any. lol.) We have since made many, many, many costumes. So, maybe it is time to revisit the first. 😉 The color pallet this time will be white, golden yellow and hunter green. And, I still won’t be making the apron and/or donut hat. lol. This will be a throw back to the early Ren Fest days, and maybe a little on the “wenchy” side. I will be tossing a Celtic flair with my family tartan, my decorative kilt pins, my leather Ren gear and my ghillies.

It’s getting late, and I’ve had a loooong day. I’ll post more on this as I go. In the mean time, Good Night & Happy Sewing!


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  1. Angie says:

    You know, let me look through my old photos to see if I have anything – you never know! I remember your dress very well – what ever happened to it? I think I threw mine away! Oh noes! Gosh, and I thought our costumes then were so good! lol! *sigh*

  2. Tonia says:

    I would love it if you had pics of those dresses. lol. I not sure if mine is still around. If it is, it’s the garage somewhere. lol. I may find it one day. And, yes, we did think those costumes were just the best. lol. 😉

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