Jane goes to rehab while I go to Kent State


Jane has finally gotten out of hand. I’m not sure where she got the hooch, but you can tell by the serious lean she has in the photo to the left that she is three sheets to the wind! No matter what I did, she just wouldn’t straighten up. A new stand didn’t help, nothing helped. I finally decided that it was time for an intervention. Saturday morning, before leaving for the EP road trip, I talked to my neighbor, who’s a welder, to see what he could do to help me. After looking over looking over her stand and support pole, he thought he had an idea, and told me he would work on it.

Good thing, too! Jane was really starting to cause problems around the house. She found a way to open the sewing room door, and invited the dog, Jaxx, in to have a party. The damaged the two of them caused is enough to cause anyone to resort to drastic measures. The photo to the right tells the whole story. I was more than a little angry when I found this mess. I was on the verge of kicking Jane out, and grounding Jaxx for the rest of his life! Well, after the fuss I raised, Jane promised to straighten up, but I insisted she get some help. So, I grounded Jane to the sewing room, and she promised to behave, while I took my trip with the girls to Kent State Museum. lol.

Our trip up to Akron, Ohio was fun. When you have good conversation, and even better company, you don’t realize how quickly a 3 hour drive goes by. And I was the one driving. lol. We made a stop in Mansfield (the half way point), in the parking lot of Wally World, to stretch and have a snack. Good thing we stopped there, as I forgot to grab the box of plastic forks. PJ and I went in to get the forks and hair clips for her, and we came out with a little more than that. lol. Angie razzed us about how long we took, as we were trying to stick to a time table, and the impromptu shopping spree took about 3o minutes. Once we were back on the road, the time just flew by.

Once we got to Kent State Museum, we were amazed on several levels. Even though the exhibits weren’t the size that we expected, they were very small, but they were amazing. I had expected limited access to the items, but the exhibits were open! No ropes, no glass, and arranged in a manner that allows up close examination from just about all angles. We were able to get within inches of the items. So close we could’ve touched, but we didn’t, as that would’ve gotten us in more trouble than Jane is in. lol.  They had garments from the Romantic era, right up to an exhibit by a modern designer, and all within tempting touching distance. lol.

Out of all that was in the museum, my favorite was the Katherine Hepburn: Dressed for Stage and Screen exhibit in the Broadbent Gallery on the second floor, which is open until September 4, 2011. This exhibit was displayed just like the rest, open. It was an amazing experience to be that close to her costumes. It was also startling to see just what her size actually was. Katherine was only 5’7″ tall, and her waist must have only measured around 20″! That is just amazing how a woman that was larger than life on the silver screen could be so tiny. The costumes ranged from The Lion in Winter (1968) to On Golden Pond (1981). There were even some that I hadn’t heard of, but want to find and watch, like The Iron Petticoat (1956).

Besides being inspired to watch a few of Kate’s movies, there were several costumes that have inspired me to recreate them. My favorite was the pin striped costume on the far left, in the photo on the left. But, that will be a project for the future. lol.

We were so satisfied by our experience, we have decided to make sure we go back for the Civil War exhibit what will be opening on September 30, 2011. As impressed as I was with the Katherine Hepburn exhibit, the Civil War Exhibit promises to be just as impressive.

The drive back was interesting. Where else but in Ohio, can you see a giant skateboard, the size of a 53′ flat bed trailer? Right! Only in Ohio. lol. I kinda wish I got a photo of the skateboard, but I was driving, and it was parked in a rest stop. lol.

As for the rest of my weekend, PJ and I hit the track, again. We met at the park at about 10 am, and started our walking routine. Half way through the first lap (a lap is 1.19 miles long), my right foot started cramping. So, I sat out for a lap, and rejoined everyone for the third lap. After that I napped in my chair, after a nice shower. lol. Then PJ and her hubby joined us, and we fired up the grill. After dinner, I took a fresh loaf of bread over to the neighbors, and that is when he revealed his solution for Jane’s problem. Lo and Behold! Jane, standing up straight, for the first time in a long time!

Now, if we could just curb her mean streak, and her kleptomaniac habits! lol.


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