Road Trip!!!


Tomorrow is our trip to Kent State to see the clothing exhibit! I am so excited. This is a trip that Angie and I have been trying to find time for. In the morning, Angie will arrive to my house, we shall pack up my car, we pick up PJ and then we are on our way! I will have my trusty camera (with spare battery) and a note book, to take notes and sketch out anything that I find I must remember. lol. We have planned for a picnic lunch, which will help the wallet, as gas prices are outrageous! Jane will have to sit this one out, as there won’t be room in the car for her. lol. So, expect pics to be posted later in the weekend. There will be plenty to post, as I tend to go overboard with the camera. And, I do want to plan a trip back later this year, as they will be opening a Civil War exhibit in September. You can find info about that exhibit on their site here.

Speaking of Civil War…. As I posted last time, our next Costume Ball in February will be Civil War themed. Which is very fitting, as this year marks the 150th anniversary of the start of the Civil War. Plus, after watching Civil War week on the History Channel, I have started thinking of what I want to make. When the theme was first picked, I was unsure if I wanted to make a day dress, a sheer dress, a formal ball gown or a nice skirt with Garibaldi shirt and Swiss waist. After several days of looking at dress designs, I think I have finally settled on a proper ball gown. Now, I just need to pick the material and colors. For my ball gown, I will be ordering patterns from Truly Victorian. I love her patterns anyway, and had a tough decision on which patterns I wanted to order. But, I’ll post more on that later. 😉  And, just to satisfy my inner costuming demons, I will eventually design a Civil War wardrobe. lol. So, watch the side bar, as I will be putting up pages for each one as I make them.

Okay. Well, I suppose I should get on with the rest of my work day. Hee hee! That way this day can fly by, I can go home and prepare what I need for tomorrow, and then have a blast our road trip. Until next time, Happy Sewing!


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