Back to square one……


Finally, after months of my home being in utter disarray, I have been able to take some time to start getting things back in order. And, all I can say is – AHHHH! lol. My house falls apart when I have sewing deadlines. Granted, I love sewing, but I also love a clean house. Once, I started getting things cleaned up, I was able to add a few home touches, like the roses on the left that I cut from one of my rose bushes. I still have some nooks and crannies that need to be cleaned, but I have my cleaning groove back, so it won’t be long before I banish the dust bunnies and dirt buffalos. lol.

In my breaks from cleaning, and down time between loads of laundry, I have started looking forward to the next years worth of costuming. I put it that way because the very first Emerald Parlor costume event was the Regency Picnic, so that I show I mark my costuming year. In that line of thinking, I have started looking toward what I will need to plan and work on for the coming year. We have the 3rd Annual Regency Picnic in September, the 2nd Annual Costume Ball in February, the 3rd Annual Tipsy Tea next May and we have decided to add a Christmas Event, then pepper that with the Dinner in a Costume events we will start having, and we have a packed year ahead of us. lol. Just for my thought process (to get back to square one, so to speak), let’s look at each event, shall we? Sure, why not. 😉

The 3rd Annual Regency Picnic – I have decided that I will be designing a new gown for myself. I have been toying with a few designs, and I think I may have something I may want. I will have to make Annie a new gown, there’s no way around that one. lol. She is still the growing phase, as she’s 10, and her gown last year just barely fit at Halloween when she went as Jane Austen. Since I have started a work out schedule again, I will hopefully most likely have to make a new set of stays.

The Emerald Christmas Event – This is our newest costume event. For this one, there will be no theme. We can make whatever era we want, the only requirement is a Christmas twist. This will be an adult couples dinner out event, so that means I will have to make something for myself, and something for my handsome husband. I am still thinking on this one, and since the hubby will have to take part, I’m working with him to make it an era that he is willing to wear. lol.

The 2nd Annual Costume Ball – The next ball theme is Civil War. Here I am torn between making a day dress, a traveling dress or a proper ball gown. Hmmmm…. Decisions, decisions. I will also have to make something for the husband and Annie.

The 3rd Annual Ladies Tipsy Tea – The theme for this one is the 1950’s cocktail party! That’s going to be a fun one. I have a vintage pattern in mind, just need to find the perfect fabric.

Dinner in a Costume – The next one will be June 25th,  in honor of my birthday. For this one, we will be dressing in our Celtic costumes from way back when. lol. I will need to remake by bodice, as it was way too big the first time around. But, my hubby will be happy, as he gets to wear his kilt. I get to pick the venue, so I am thinking of a local pub, where an old friend from high school is the GM.

So, there is my next year of costuming, in a nut shell. I’m pretty sure there are a few things I have forgotten to list. lol. Oh, but I did get some better photos of the Mini Martha dress. Annie is wearing it, as I don’t have any of Little Miss L in it. Besides, I wouldn’t post photos of her without her mother’s permission. So, here is Annie as Martha Washington:

Back of Mini Martha gown
Front of Mini Martha gown

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