Garden planting, cook outs and Martha

Our new dinnette set

So, the last thing on my deadline sewing list for the first half of the year was the Mini Martha dress. Last week was not conducive to me being in the sewing room in any shape or form. Tuesday did see me in there, for about an hour and a half. I was able to get the petticoat, skirts and bodice cover cut. In the process of cutting the bodice lining, I had to stop to pick Katie up from the high school, followed by a stop at the grocery store, and my night was shot. Wednesday we had to pick up the dinnette set that my mother-in-law gave us, along with a corner hutch. That saw the better part of the night done, too. Thursday was another night of running after the girls. Friday, yep, I was just plain lazy. Annie stayed at my mom’s, Katie went to her dad’s, so we ordered pizza for dinner.

Saturday dawned, bright and early. I roused my husband out of

Some of last years herbs

bed, and was off. We hit the nursery out by my mom’s, to get a few of the herbs I wasn’t able to find at the closer plant centers this year. From there, it was on to the grocery store. By noon, we were home and I was starting to catch up on the dishes that piled up last week, while the husband started turning the garden plot. I had fully intended to get the dishes done and hit the sewing room, but since the dishes took up the better part of my afternoon……. So, you know I’m going with that one. lol. No sewing. Later in the afternoon, a set of our married friends came over, and we invited the neighbors. We fired up the grill and enjoyed the evening.

A quick peek of the Mini Martha dress

Sunday finally saw the opening of the sewing room! I got started on the Mini Martha dress around 10 am, and finally knocked off around 10 pm. Not all of that was sewing time. lol. I did take a break for lunch (leftovers from the night before). But, otherwise, I made pretty good progress. I did leave the frill trims off, as I think the gown plain is very lovely. (The photo to the left is not a very good one. It was taken late at night. More to come later!) Besides, they can always be added later. But, I think the color combination is terrific! Little Miss L will be the best looking “wax figure” in the 5th grade. Oh, and this will be most likely be Annie’s Halloween costume, as Annie and Little Miss L are about the same size. Except Annie is 3″ shorter. lol.

So, I am now done with deadline sewing until August. Then I can start on whatever is needed for the 3rd Annual Regency picnic. I have a few ideas floating through my brain, just not sure what I want to wear. In the mean time, I will be taking my time making my husband’s neglected Federal costume. I’m hoping that we can finally go to Colonial Williamsburg for our 1st anniversary.

Happy Sewing!


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