Ball gowns and Costume Madness

Angie – in her Victorian Natural Form costume

Well, I had meant to post last week about progress on my Victorian Natural Form costume for the EP’s Ladies Tipsy Tea. I was in the home stretch, and just about finished. That was until panic struck last Monday. And, by panic I mean one of us was without a costume! Due to someone else’s bad decision, Angie had a lot on her mind when working on her costume  the Saturday before. With things weighing heavy, there was a slip of the scissors. Well, lack of spare fabric, and extreme frustration, caused Angie to pitch her whole costume into the rubish bin. She explained that she would just dress nicely, and the rest of us could go in our costumes. I didn’t want her to feel left out, so we tried to compromise. We thought that we could all reach into our (considerable) costume closests and pull out something along the lines of Medieval or Reniassance. I talked it over with PJ and Elma, and in all fairness, we had put in so much work on these costumes, we just had to wear them. That only left one course of action. Angie had to have a costume. Since she didn’t have any fabric to start fresh with, and no time to spare as she had to work all week, I was determined to not hear her “no’s” to my offer to make her something. PJ and I dug deep and found what we were going to do. I pulled fabric from my stash for her overskirt, bodice and bodice lining, PJ purchased the fabric for her underskirt, and we pooled what we had to make her a hat. Since I was on vacation for the rest of the week, I set straight to work. I must say that I am very impressed with myself, as all I had to work with where her basic measurements. The whole time I was working on this, all I could think was that if this didn’t fit her, I was going to cry! lol. But, as you can see in the photo above, it fit her as if she had made it herself. 😉

Katie and her date for prom

 Besides all the costume sewing and Tipsy Tea business, Friday was prom for Katie. Along with all the arrands to run, and hand finishing for costumes, I had alter her prom dress. It was a Tiffany’s ball gown that she found at a second hand shop for a more than reasonable price. Let me tell you, wrestling with about 20 lbs of crinoline and tulle is no fun. It was a chore to just get it to the machine. As you can see in the photo to the right, she looked stunning in it.  Her boyfriend even had me take a swatch from one of the inner seams allowances, just so he could try to make his vest and tie to her gown. And, it makes me sad, as my baby is growing up. It seems like just a few years ago I was walking her to her kindergarden class for her first day of school. This past Friday, I sent her off to her first high school prom.

Me in my Victorian Natural Form costume

Saturday dawned bright and early for me. I was awake at 6 am, I was so excited. After my shower, since I was the only one up and about, I popped in my earphones, turned on my ipod, and set about getting myself ready, and everything to the car. As to be expected, I did forget a few things, but nothing major, all costume items made it. lol. I picked up PJ, filled up the gas tank, picked up Elma, and we were on our way. We got to Datyon around 11 am, and set about getting ready. From Angie’s house, we went to the Dublin Irish Pub. Now, I haven’t been to very many places in Dayton, but the Dub Pub is my favorite. It has great atmosphere, and really good food. Our first round of drinks were bought for us by another patron, and our waitress was the best. (For more about the Tipsy Tea, visit The Emerald Parlor.)

After we were done at the pub, we went for a stroll through the historic Oregon District to gawk at the Victorian houses.  From there, we went back to Angie’s for more food, drinks and (of course!) tea. What’s a tea party without the tea? lol. We finally packed up and went home at about 9:30 that evening. It couldn’t have been a more perfect day. 🙂

What now, you may ask? Well, it’s on to the Mini Martha project, as I need to have it finished and in the office by Friday. So, tonight I will be kicking it into high gear, and getting things cut out. If all goes as planned (and…. I just cursed myself, again!), I should have everything cut tonight, and the petticoat started, if not finished. Then I can get started on the overdress. So, here’s to things going my way for the rest of the week. 😉


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  1. Angela says:

    You’re my hero! lol! 🙂 I would have gone “naked” without you!

  2. Angela says:

    …well, without your help, I mean – lol!

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