Better late than never…


I had meant to post yesterday, but ran out of time. I nearly ran out of time again, today. This week will be very busy. I am down to the deadline for the Mini Martha Washington dress. In order to stay on target for the Victorian, and still get the Mini Martha done, I will have to crank it out in the next two days! Blah!!! But, I can do this. I know I can. lol. I was able to compare Little Miss L’s measurements to Annie’s, and found that Annie is just a few inches shorter than Little Miss L. This is a good thing, as I can use Annie for the fittings I’ll have to do over the next couple of days. Plus, we will have Annie’s Halloween costume in the bag. 😉 So, tomorrow night I will need to beat feet home and get the dress cut out. The first thing I will be starting on is the petticoat. That should take me no time to knock out, and then I can move on to the overdress. Pictures will follow soon!

As for my Victorian Ensemble, that is moving along nicely. I was able to fix the sizing issue with my corset and get

Sneak peek of my overskirt

measurements. This past weekend, I got the overskirt finished down to just needing the skirt hook on the waistband. And the petticoat done to the skirt hook and ruffle for the bottom of the skirt. I will address that in just a moment. As for the overskirt – I am very impressed with the pattern. I can’t wait to see this on, over the underskirt and with the bodice.  I love the thinner stripes of this fabric. This costume will have the sleek look that I was aiming for.

Sneak peek of the underskirt

As for the underskirt….. There was an issue with the ruffle. I spent the better part of Saturday evening, and Sunday afternoon trying to get this ruffle on the underskirt. I have come to the conclusion that I need to add to the ruffle to get the look that I want, which is pleated, not gathered.

So, the plans for the rest of the week (yes, I know the old saying about the “best laid plans”, lol) will be to work on the Mini Martha dress for Wednesday and Thursday, finish up on Friday, trace out PJ’s bodice pattern on Friday (I was able to do mine last week), cut and wash the navy linen I will be using for my bodice lining, and prepare to start the bodice this weekend. Here’s to a week that goes as planned. I just cursed myself, didn’t I? lol.


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  1. Miss Elma says:

    No – you didn’t just curse yourself! You can do iiiiittttt!!!! 😉

    1. Tonia says:

      I hope I didn’t curse myself. But, since I found out this morning that I have a little extra time on the Mini Martha dress, I should be good. 😉

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