Mentionable Unmentionables

Jane - in a panty dress

This past weekend, PJ and I made incredible progress on our Victorian undergarments. On Saturday, we got started around noon, and after 13 hours of sewing, we finished both the chemise and drawers. We did take breaks for snacks and dinner, so it wasn’t non-stop sewing. We started with the drawers. We used pattern LM-100. They went together very easily. I think the hardest part of these were the pintucks, and those weren’t hard at all. We had those together in no time flat. From there, we moved on to the chemise. That went together fairly good. On the chemise, we did find that the yoke ran a little large, so we cut a size smaller, and had to extend the sholder to make sure the arm hole wasn’t too tight. Even though we worked that majority of the day, let me just say that I am very happy that I had the fore thought to trace the pattern and cut the fabric for these out early in the week. Or, it would’ve take us longer.

Also on Saturday, we finally were able to put grommets in the corsets, and try them on. What we found was slightly irratating. Even though we cut a size smaller, and a cup smaller in the Dore corset, it was still too large. We found that once we got the corset on and laced up, the backs met, leaving no springback. Fitting as is did, it was comfortable, but did not offer any support or measurement reduction. This is a quick fix, however. I will be cutting about an inch to an inch and half off the back panels, and moving the boning and grommet channels over. This will give me the desired effect that I am looking for.

On Sunday, we got a little later start. We started around 2 pm. Our mission for Sunday was the petticoat. I did not have a chance to trace the pattern or cut fabric, so we were starting fresh on this garment. I would like to add at this point that I am loving Truly Victorian patterns, so far. The pattern pieces were a breeze to trace out and cut out, and the instructions were simplistic and too the point. They were very easy to follow, and this garmet went together like a dream. The hardest part was the ruffle on the bottom, and that’s just because it takes forever to gather and pin down. I hope the rest of the Truly Victorian patterns I ordered are this easy. Can’t wait to find out!

Oh! And I’m going to have to keep a closer eye on Jane. I’ve heard a rumor that she’s been cavorting with Bertie, Angie’s dummy, and getting her drunk. Angie found Bertie leaning the way Jane does. Guess I’ll have to lock Jane, the drunken hussy, in the sewing room from now on. 😉


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