Change is in the air

Despite running way behind this past weekend, we did manage to get some progress made. It was exactly as I thought with the patterns. We made a mock up of both the Dore and the Silverado in a size 22 C cup. Just as I suspected, what I read in most pattern reviews was true. The Silverado did not flatter the large bust, and was still too large at the size 22. The Dore was the better fit, and it flatter the bust line much better. We were able to get the pieces traced on the fabric and cut out on Saturday, and we started sewing on Sunday. A late start on both days put us way behind. We got the two halves of the corset together, and will be working on the boning this evening. After I get the boning and grommets in, I will be able to pop it on Jane to get some good photos. As you can see, the photo above was taken just after I got both center front pieces together, with the bucks firmly in place. Let me just say that I love my zipper foot. 🙂

On Saturday, Miss Elma (Hi Lady!) popped over for some “ladies sewing time”, and to watch the process of how we fit corsets. She got to see how we made the mock ups, and then used them to fit both PJ and myself, and how we made the decision between the two patterns.

After deciding that the Dore was the way to go, I was happy to find that I could use my original fabric choice. The Dore has fewer pattern pieces, I was able to use the white taffeta with white vines and leaves enbroidered on it. Since I will be using the all white fabric, I will be using black bias tape around the edges, some black lace along the bust line, and maybe some small black satin bows for accents. I will see how the bows look, once I get the bias tape and lace on. I am so excited, I can’t wait to finish this corset.


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