A whole lot of Victorian going on!

It’s starting to get exciting around here. I think Jane is even getting excited. All the patterns that PJ and I will be using arrived this afternoon. And I tell you, my mail man is a ninja. I heard his jeep coming down the road, and by the time that it sounded like he should be in front of my house, he had already dropped my box on the porch and was 3 houses down! lol.

So, as you see in the photo to the left, we have ordered the Laughing Moon Victorian undergarment pattern, and the rest are all patterns from Truly Victorian. I will be starting a page for the Victorian Undergarments, just to document how those are coming along. Besides the patterns listed on my Victorian Tea Ensemble page, I also will be using TV170 – petticoat. PJ will be using the same petticoat and underskirt. She will also be using TV303 – 1873 Side Drape Overskirt and TV405 – 1872 Vest Basque. I can’t wait to get started. The only decision I have left is if I want my underskirt red or white.


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