Shaking things up, a bit…

The Emerald Parlor 1st Annual Regency Picnic - August 2009

It seems like only yesterday that Angie and I started the Emerald Parlor blog. It’s hard to believe that it’s almost been 2 years. In those 2 years, we have had tons of fun, made lots of costumes, thought of and discarded a million crazy ideas, and have hosted 5 events. Wow! Also, in those 2 years, we have made new friends and found a few old friends (Hi Elma!).

We started the EP blog as a way to show each other what we were up to, as well as sharing with anyone else that may be interested. We would take turns posting what we were up to, what we have purchased and what progress we have made on projects. Recently, we have decided that our adventures have gotten too big for just one blog. This is how Just Blame Jane was born, as well as Angie’s blog The Merry Dressmaker. This left us wondering where the EP blog was going. We certainly didn’t want to do away with it. We love it too much. After all, it was the birth place of our great events, as well as our Facebook group. So, we started to take notice of what people were looking for when they found the EP blog. What were they reading the most? What was catching their attention? The answer was simple. Pattern Reviews. Others were doing what we have done for years, looking for some indication of how well, or not so well, certain patterns worked. Besides pattern reviews, others were looking for hints and tips on fabric, notions and other things. Well, this we could do. After sewing for nearly 12 years, we could certainly offer our views and opinions on these subjects. So, that is what we have done. The face of the EP blog may have change a bit, but the heart and soul are still there. The EP is still there to show case our events, share our pattern reviews and to offer our hints and tips. So, in that spirit, I have finished off the page for my 1770’s Polonaise, and have posted my review of the pattern on the EP. Be sure to pop over there to take a peek. 🙂


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