Costuming ADD

Yes! I have “costuming ADD”, and they say the first step is admitting you have a problem. Since my sister and I started our costuming adventures almost two years ago (wow! It’s really been that long), our lives have pretty much become a revolving door of costumes, and other small sewing projects. The process it simple, we pick what era we are going to sew, research it, plan it, start it, finish it and play dress up in it. But, somewhere along the way in the process, I end up going in ten different directions at once. That would be somewhere around the research stage. It starts out innocent enough. I hit the interwebs with my search term. I first do an image search to see if anything intrigues me, and usually a lot of it does. Then I start the search for techniques and historical accuracy. From there, I check to see if there are any books that can help. I make my notes. I pick my fabrics and design elements. Once it’s all done and said, I can start cutting my fabric and sewing it together. But, of late, in the image search stage is where I get lost. I get what I have deemed the “Oh! Shiny” syndrome. This week, I started out with searching for my next project, the Victorian era for the upcoming 2nd Annual Tipsy Tea (which is in May). My ADD set in hard! From there I started looking at stuff for the Mini Martha project, again. After that, my brain wandered on to the theme for next year’s Costume ball, the Antebellum/Civil War era. I hit a little steam punk, some more Federal (I have my next Federal Costume all picked out), and a bit of Regency (I’ve got this picked out,too, but it’s for 3rd Annual Regency Picnic in September). Then, I just couldn’t help myself, I started to search for info on a project is that for an “as of yet, unspecified” event, The Many Ladies of Henry VIII. So, as you can see, I have bounced around all week like a ping-pong ball. But, I have kept good notes on what I have found. Now, I just hope I don’t lose them.

As for my plans to clean the sewing room this weekend, they haven’t happened, yet.  So far, I have purchased small cart with drawers for my sock yarn and dishcloth yarn. Other than that, I measured to see which way I wanted to turn the cutting table. That became a comedy of errors, as Jane decided to get in the way and muck it all up. Jane and I had a few choice words to say to each other. Well, I said them to her and she was mostly difficult and very unhelpful in getting out of the way. She was drunk, again. I could tell by how she was leaning. 😉

Edit to add: Angie and I have been sewing costumes since 1998, but have only stepped back into it in full form around 2 years ago.


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