Meet Jane…..

Jane - the drunken dressmaker's dummy
This is Jane. She is my dressmaker’s dummy. Jane was a Christmas gift from my loving husband. I have had Jane for about 3 years. Jane and I have become very good friends, and Jane has been very helpful with my historical dressmaking ambitions. But, due to a malfunction with Jane’s stand, she leans (you can see the slight lean in the pic on the left) – if you don’t keep an eye on her. So, we have decided that Jane must get into the wine when we aren’t looking, and must be drunk to lean the way she does. We (the “we” being my girls, my bestfriend – Miss PJ, and myself) have also learned that Jane is a mean bully. lol. We have very little room in the sewing room (even though it is twice the size of the old sewing room), and if we are down on the floor to cut fabric, Jane has a tendenacny to get in the way, and keeps us from getting up. And, we have decided that Jane hides things from us, so if something is missing, it’s Jane’s fault, as she is greedy. That leads me to the title of my blog, Just Blame Jane! It’s always Jane’s fault.
I have created this blog to help document my dressmaking adventures (and they are adventures, it’s never boring around my house, lol). I do have another blog for my knitting, it’s called Knitting Zen. And I also have a blog that I am co-author with my sister-in-law, Angie. It’s called The Emerald Parlor, which is a blog about dressmaking and costuming. We do host several costume events each year, so be sure to stop by and see what we have cooking. 🙂

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