Just another summer – A catch up post

What they say is true…… Best laid plans, and all that. lol. This summer has not turned out like I thought. On a few levels, it has had it’s sad bit, but on the whole it’s been very fun. I’ll start with the sad bit.

Jellybean 4/1/13 - 6/7/14

4/1/13 – 6/7/14

My pretty little kitty has passed away. She had FIP, and apparently had it since birth. It broke my heart to see her go, but the symptoms came on suddenly. We didn’t have time to prepare for her passing. Every morning, I still expect to wake up and find her little furry face tucked up against mine. She was my little knitting partner, always on my lap when I sat down. Because of her passing, I lost all will to knit until this past weekend, when I could finally pick up my needles without crying. She will be forever missed.

Now, on the all the fun bits.

Ladies Day Out May 19, 2014

Ladies Day Out
May 19, 2014

For our Ladies Day Out we started with lunch at The Jury Room. This time around it was Miss Tammi, Miss Elma, Miss PJ and myself. We had a great meal and some quality chat time. From there, we ended up at The Surly Girl Saloon for a couple of great cocktails. We had so much fun, too bad we only get to do this every once in a great while.

Ohio Village Opening Day May 25, 2014

Ohio Village Opening Day
May 25, 2014

We attended the opening day of the Ohio Village again this year. While it was not as big and grand as last year’s, we still had a blast. We even got to see the new 1950’s exhibition. Afterwards, we hit the shooting range on the way to a friend’s house for a cookout. All in all, it was a great day.


Ladies Amish Country Trip May 31, 2014

Ladies Amish Country Trip
May 31, 2014

The next thing was a Ladies Amish Country Trip. Another great day. This trip it was Miss Tammi, Miss Cassi, Miss PJ and myself. As usual it was a fun filled trip of shopping and site seeing with stops at the covered bridge, the cheese factory, three wineries and various shops in between. Granted, this time the main route was shut down for construction and we had to take a couple of interesting detours (on the way back it was an extra hour on the “fifety-two” – lol).

4th of July 2014

4th of July 2014

The 4th of July was another fun point of this summer. The hubby had to work, but Annie and I headed over to Miss PJ’s for a bit of a cook out and backyard games. Then, later that night I was able to watch a small fireworks display put on by someone in the neighborhood.

Camping Trip July 25, 2014

Camping Trip
July 25, 2014

We had a big camping trip this summer, in celebration of Miss PJ’s 20th wedding anniversary. On this trip it was Miss PJ, her hubby, both of their boys and their oldest son’s girlfriend, Miss Cassi, her hubby, their son and daughter, and their son’s girlfriend, two of Miss PJ’s nephews and one of their girlfriends, and finally Annie and myself. We started out on three sites for two nights, but had so much fun that even the kids were asking to stay an extra night. So, we consolidated onto one site for the last night. There was plenty of cooking over an open fire (with smoke in the eyes every single time, lol), playing board games and even a trip to the beach. On that Friday, as soon as I got off of work, Annie and I stuffed my little car full of our camping gear. There was so much, it was kind of a good thing it was just the two of us going from our household. If there would’ve been anyone else, I have no clue where we would’ve fit them into the car. When we got back, we piled it all out into the driveway so I could determine what had to go back into the garage and what had to go into the house to be cleaned up. It had been almost five years since my last camping trip, and this trip made me realize how much I have missed it. The only things I didn’t miss about camping is the week long prep before going, the week long chore of cleaning everything up to be put away and all the mosquitoes. We loved it so much, we are planning another trip for this fall, when it’s a bit cooler.

Fun in the office!

Fun in the office!

Another fun thing from this summer is the office cookouts. It started when I suggested a potluck, as it has been ages since we did anything like that in the office. The guys liked it so much that we do it just about every Friday now. It gives us another reason to look forward to Fridays.

As for what’s left of the summer, we has started planning Halloween costumes for Miss Cassi’s annual party. This year has a theme of Villains. I’m kind of stuck between a couple of ideas at the moment. Not sure which I will like better, but we’ll see. But, before we can start on costumes, I really need to get the sewing room back in shape, as I haven’t touched it all summer. Oops! lol. Better late than never, huh?  So, until next time….. Happy Crafting!

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Tempus Fugit! And does it ever!

So, I decided that I need to write up a post, as it had been a bit. I just didn’t think it had been that long! lol. Since my last post, I have finished nine pairs of socks. Yes, you read that right, nine pairs of socks have come off of my needles. My fingers have been very, very busy to say the least. I’m not going to post them all like I did in the last post, or you’ll be here reading for a while. For Ravelry members, you’ll find all the details there. I’ll just post a photo collage of them:


I am currently at 19 pairs finished, 2 pairs on the needles and 6 more pairs planned. Besides all of the sock knitting, I have started another blanket. This one is a knitted ripple for my newest niece. I have gotten it started, and the color repeat established. Other than that, I have been commissioned to knit a Sailor Dress set for a co-worker in Chicago. It’s for her first grandchild that is due near the end of the month. And, another co-worker in Chicago has commissioned me to knit him a crazy tie, since he is known for his crazy ties. This should be fun. ;)

In other happenings, this weekend is our annual ladies lunch. We will be going back to a place that is quickly becoming our favorite haunt, The Jury Room. Expect photos sometime next week, especially since we will be also celebrating Miss Elma’s birthday. Good thing The Jury Room has really great cakes, or I would have to sneak one in. ;)

Since the warm weather is finally returning to Ohio, we have all been feeling the urge to start sewing. Our “year off” from sewing has given us a much needed break. I have started looking at patterns, notions and fabric samples, and can’t wait to get my machine up and running. I have a stash of black cotton calling my name from the depths of the sewing room, and hope to get started on that by the end of the month. But first, I need to get the sewing room back in shape, and possibly clear out somethings that just aren’t needed. I have a love seat that just needs to go, and a couple of half book cases that I need to get down there for storage and organization. In other words, my sewing room just need an overhaul! lol. I hope to get that all taken care of in quick order, as the festival season is starting back up, I have already marked a few that I want to make it. Bring on Summer!

Until next time… Happy Crafting!

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Socks, socks and more socks!

So, March has shaped up to be an eventful month. Some good, some not so good. But, that’s life. So, let’s start with the good. ;)

The return of my sock knitting obsession is still in full swing. Since the last post, I have finished 3 pairs of socks, and started another pair over the weekend. Here is what we have:

Fruit Stripe Gum Socks

Fruit Stripe Gum Socks

Pattern: Fruit Stripe Gum Socks
Yarn: Knit Picks Felici (Discontinued)
Colorway: Foxglove
Needles: US 1 Knit Picks Rainbow DPN’s
Started: 3/5/14
Finished: 3/9/14
Notes: Knit as per pattern. And let me just say that this is a really fun pattern to knit. A great pattern for self-striping yarns. These were made for my best friend, Miss PJ, for her birthday.

Arrow Lace Socks

Arrow Lace Socks

Pattern: Hiya Hiya Arrow Lace Socks I (Cuff down)
Yarn: Lorna’s Lace Shepard Sock Multi
Colorway: Mixed Berries
Needles: US 0 Brittany DPN’s
Started: 2/9/14
Finished: 3/12/14
Notes: This was a test knit. While I did like the pattern, it was a bit big, despite being knit on size 0 needles.

Pink Ribbon Socks

Pink Ribbon Socks

Pattern: Pink Ribbon Socks
Yarn: Knit Picks Stroll
Colorway: Rouge
Needles: US 1 Knit Picks DPN’s
Start: 3/12/14
Finish: 3/21/14
Notes: These were made on commission. I was asked to only do 1 repeat of the Ribbon pattern. I love the texture of the seed stitch on each side of the Ribbon section. When I first started knitting socks (way back when), I had tried to knit this pattern, but wasn’t very good at reading charts, so I gave up. Now that I have made a pair, I really like this pattern, and will most likely be making more.

These are my finished socks for this month, so far. lol. These make pairs # 8, 9, and 10 toward my goal of 20 for the year. I am more than on track, and look to over shoot my goal, which is always a good thing. I have started another pair on commission. These are being made for a co-worker. I have the first sock complete, and started the second sock last night. I do hope to have these done no later than tomorrow, so I can keep working as I still have 5 more pairs that are on commission. Plus, I do have a few pairs that I want to make for myself, and after a quick peek at my stash on Ravelry, I see that I have enough sock yarn to knit up 92+ pairs. Wow! That’s a lot. ;)

Other than all the sock knitting, I did get to go out with my best friend for her birthday. We did a late lunch at The Jury Room in downtown Columbus, then made our way to Easton Town Center for some shopping and a late dinner. The husbands and Miss Tammi joined us. It was a blast!

Now, for the bad. I had to put my car into the shop last week. Good thing is, the guys I work with have the hook up for a great mechanic. I dropped it off Thursday afternoon, he started on it Friday morning, bright and early, and it was done by end of business. Which really amazes me. Had I taken it to the dealership, it probably would’ve taken several days, and cost me twice as much. Granted, it cost me a pretty penny to get it fixed, but the mechanic didn’t take advantage of me like the dealership would’ve. So, even though I didn’t pay out as much as I could’ve, it was still a lot. Good thing I have all the sock yarn in my stash, because it looks like I’ll be knitting from there for a while. ;)

Well, until next time…. Happy knitting & sewing!

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Would rather be knitting (featuring FO’s)

This is what my brain as been saying to me lately. I get up everyday, go to work, and try to work while my brain is constantly going over current and future knitting projects. I somehow make it through the day, just to get home and have to start dinner. Once things are settled, I am finally able to pick up my needles. But, I have a couple of finished objects to share. I finished the Hue Shift Afghan in the Baby color kit:

Project: Hue Shift Afghan Kit from Knit Picks
Yarn: Knit Picks Brava Sport Weight
Colorway: Baby
Started: 12/28/13
Finished: 2/26/14
Notes: I knit this exactly to pattern. This was a kit that I ordered from Knit Picks, so it came with all the yarn needed, as well as the pattern. I did run into an issue that seemed to be common with this kit. Despite being just under gauge, there were 2 colors that I ran out of. I did call Knit Picks to advise them of this, and they willing sent me more of the colors needed. This is why I love Knit Picks. I have very few problems, and for the few that I have had, they have made it right without costing me extra money. As for the pattern, I will say that it’s very addictive. This blanket is so cozy, and little Miss Jellybean has claimed it. Every evening, she expects me to sit down and cover up with it, just so she can stretch out and take her evening naps. I still have the Jewel Kit to finish, and I am thinking of make a couple of more in custom colors.

After all of that, I needed to get in a few quick projects, so I kept moving on my personal goal for pairs of socks knitted in 2014. Here is Finished Pair #7:

Project: Strawberry Latte Toe-up Socks
Yarn: Claudia’s Handpainted Short Sport (Discontinued)
Colorway: Strawberry Latte
Started: 3/1/14
Finished: 3/3/14
Notes: I decided it was time to challenge myself to something I have never tried before, and made some toe-up socks. I am normally a die-hard, top down on DPN’s type of sock knitter, but decided that I maybe at least needed to try something else. I can definitely see the appeal of this type of sock. It makes sure you can use the entire amount of yarn purchased. I used Judy’s Magic Cast On, then improvised a off centered 2×2 ribbing, a short row heel, and then a sewn bind off. I love these socks. The sport weight makes them nice and squishy and warm. Now, after trying toe-up socks, I am wondering if I should give knitting socks on circs a try. Hmmmmm……. That may be the next challenge. ;)

After working on afghan projects for so long (in the past 6 months – 2 completed, 1 at 75% done, and one that still needs to be started), I will be working on socks for a while. Of course, it helps that I have been commissioned to make 6 pairs of socks. That should keep me busy for a couple of weeks, since my sock knitting speed has increase considerably. Then, add to that a pair of birthday socks that will be going on the needles as soon as I get the 2nd sock of a test knit done, and then a pair of  new socks in shocking orange for Annie, and I will be more than 75% to my yearly goal. So, let’s see what I can do over the next couple of weeks. Until later…. Happy Knitting & Sewing!

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Miles and miles of knitting

With this winter being exceptionally brutal in Ohio, and I have spent a lot more time tucked under blankets knitting happily than any other winter I can remember. So far, since the start of 2014, I have made 6 pairs of socks, started a 7th pair, and have just about finished an afghan that turned out to be much larger than I expected. I have calculated that I have knit about 3 1/2 miles worth of yarn at this point in the year. Not bad for only being about 8 or so weeks into the year. ;) Still in the works are plans for another baby blanket, finishing up an afghan like the huge one I have just about completed, a small blanket for Jellybean, a replacement scarf for one of my favorites that vanished a few years ago, a few baby toys, a couple pairs of felted slippers, a soft and colorful cowl, and many more pairs of socks as I work toward my 2014 Sock Knitting Project goal of at least 20 pairs. So, I think I’m off to a good start for this year’s knitting goals.

And, speaking of knitting, I haven’t been lonely when I sit down to knit. Little Miss Jellybean has been keeping me faithful company whenever I work on one of the Hue Shift Afghans.



It never fails. The afghan comes out, and she settles in on it. She is such a little cutie, but it makes it hard to work on the project. She always looks so peaceful, I dread disturbing her so I can move it around to keep working. Other than that, she has really developed her little personality. She plays with the “old man”, Vinny, all the time. They wrestle all over the house, and steal each other’s toys. Although she did take it a little personally when he took off with her brand new crinkle fish. Later that night, when we went to bed, we found that she has taken his favorite cat nip turtle and hid it, in our bed, between the pillows. lol. Guess she felt it was only fair.

Other than knitting, there really hasn’t been much going on. Well, other than falling prey to the illness that’s going around the office. I ended up leaving work early on Friday with a fever of 101.4. That just wasn’t fun. Turns out that my doctor was out for the week, and I ended up at the urgent care, only to find out that I had an acute viral URI. Yuck! Nothing to do for that but take cough syrup and try to sleep through it. Needless to say, that didn’t work very well. Three days later, and I still feel completely exhausted. I think I slept a total of 3 hours each night for the past 3 nights. And, it’s not as if I’m not tired, because I really, really am. For some reason, I just can’t sleep. I so wish I could take a nap at my desk today. But anyway. Until next time, I’ll say Happy Knitting and Sewing!

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I’m still alive….. I swear!

Happy way after the holidays! I was trying to write a holiday follow up post, but we had a bit of upheaval in the house. We have a new family member. Meet Jellybean:

Miss Jellybean Fussbudget

Miss Jellybean Fussbudget

We brought her home on New Year’s Eve. We got her from a local, cage free shelter. She will be 10 months old in a couple of weeks, and has settled in nicely with our little family. She is spoiled rotten, and a true knitter’s cat, as she settles down on my lap in the evenings when I knit.

PhotoGrid_1390419973057Granted, I have to make sure she doesn’t chew on my needles or DPN’s, and that she doesn’t chase my yarn to chew on. Otherwise, she loves to find ways to trip everyone, ambush the dogs, attack the husband when he isn’t looking, and just plain cause general mayhem. On the other hand, she is such a loving little thing. She greets me when I come home, sleeps at my feet every night (after she is done attacking them under the blankets), and keeps me company when I’m getting ready for work every morning.

Other than that, as evident from before the holidays, I have been bitten by the knitting bug again. And, I knew the sock knitting bug wouldn’t be too far behind. Since the beginning of the year, I have already finished two pairs of socks, and have started two more pairs. I am still working on the “Baby” Hue Shift Afghan for my expectant sister. She has less than a month to go, and I am just about halfway finished with it. And, as my husband has commented, I have been much  more relaxed since I have picked my knitting back up. I have also gained a comrade in arms. Miss Elma has picked back up her knitting needles, and we have been taking a bit of time every Saturday to have tea, talk shop and either knit or help each other plan projects. Knitting is always better when you have someone to share it with. ;) Next week should see lots of knitting progress, and maybe some progress on getting the sewing room back into shape, as I will be on “stay-cation”. I usually love to take a week off in the middle of winter, just a bit of time to enjoy staying home and not having to be out in the weather. And, next week will be doubly enjoyable on that front, as we are expecting more arctic like weather in Ohio. I see lots of yarn, blankets, hot tea and maybe some yummy baking happening next week.

On that note, I’ll say Happy Knitting & Sewing, and leave you with a pic full of yarny goodness!



ETA: I forgot to add that someone recently turned 13!



That’s right! Annie is officially a teenager now. We celebrated by going to lunch with my mom to Red Robin’s. The waitress picked up on the fact that we were celebrating a birthday, and without being asked, brought her an ice cream sundae, a balloon and had the staff sing Happy Birthday to her. And, of course, I got the blame for it. lol. Oh well! We had fun. I am a little sad that my youngest it growing up on me. If only we can keep them little longer.

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Pre-Holiday update

Merry Christmas! Figured I would post a quick update. Everything is all set in our house for Christmas, and we are all waiting to tear into our presents.



Other than working and getting ready for the holidays, I have been knitting away. I have been working on  my Hue Shift Afghan. Let me just say that this pattern is addictive. I find that I keep knitting on it, even if I’m tired, or thinking of knocking out a quick pair of socks. lol. It has helped get it closer to being done.



I am 65% done, and I love the way it’s coming together. Which is good news, as I will be making one in the baby colors for my expected niece, who is due in February.

So, that’s what’s been happening in our little corner of the interwebs. Until next time… Happy Knitting & Sewing. And, Merry Christmas!

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I’m dreaming of A White Christmas

My all time favorite Christmas movie. And, I got to see it on the big screen. PJ, Annie and I made it to see the one showing the local theater was played. We loaded up on popcorn, slushies and candy, then settled in to watch a great classic and even sing along with the musical numbers. Yes. We sang along. lol. It wasn’t a sell out showing, there wasn’t even half a theater full. But, it was still fun. It was mostly grandparents with a few grandkids, and then us. It was the most pleasurable two hours spent all weekend.

Other than our trip to the movies, our long holiday weekend was filled with turkeys and knitting. I finished off the blanket for my new nephew. I am so proud of it, and happy to have it finished.



I love the color combo I used on this one. It all blends so nicely. This will be definitely be a blanket that can last well beyond the baby years. Now, I just have to finish up a few burp rags and baby bibs, and then I can either mail it off to my youngest sister, or make a trip to visit. I may just visit, that means I get to kiss and pinch little, chubby baby cheeks! ;) We’ll see what the holiday schedule allows for.

Once that blanket was finished, I couldn’t help myself but to start my reward project. I started my Jewel Toned Hue Shift Afghan.


I am loving this project. This is my first time working mitered squares, but it’s a snap and this blanket is shaping up quickly. Which is a good thing, as I will be making the same blanket in the Baby colors for my niece that is due in February.

In other news, the past couple of days was spent finishing up the annual office Christmas charity toy drive. Every year, we all pitch in what we can to purchase toys for the kids that are in the county child protective services. Last year, we sponsored 10 kids at about $40 each. This year, we didn’t get the paperwork done in time to sponsor any kids. However, they still take donations of new toys, and we raised $430, which I spent every penny of on Monday night. Annie was excited to help me shop again this year. The hubby went along to help. We spent about two and half hours finding everything we could.



Last night, I dropped all of this off the designated office. It was their only late night, and I made it just in time. I love doing this every year. It always feels good.

For the rest of the week, it will be knitting on my blanket and making room for the Christmas tree that I didn’t get around to getting up over the long weekend.  So, until next time…. Happy Sewing & Knitting!

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Halloween Aftermath

I tried to write this post for several weeks, but was very under the weather for a bit, and then busy with life. As for my illness, I find it ironic that the week before my scheduled vacation days (Oct. 23 – 25), I laughed at the drugstore commercial on the radio. Have you heard it? It’s the one with the guy from Northern Exposure talking about how hard it is for a mother with a full time job to find time to be sick? It goes something like, “I need to get sick… How about next Thursday?” Well, that would be the Thursday I was scheduled off. That’s what I get for laughing, huh? I woke up feeling it in my sinuses and the back of my throat. But, I wasn’t going to let that stop me. No. I had things to do, places to go and a dear friend (Hi Miss Elma!) to have lunch with while we watched the dvr’d season finale of Hell on Wheels. So, I forged forward. We made our lunch run to Chipotle, and then headed back to my house to enjoy. I even had a few other things to do, which included picking Katie up from the zoo so she could stay the weekend with us and make her doctor’s appointments. I still wasn’t feeling too bad.

Friday I was feeling it a little more. I loaned Katie my car to get to her appointments, then I pulled my sewing machine up from the sewing room, and occupied the kitchen table to start making my custom for the party we had on Saturday, October 25th. This is where the photo of the fabric comes in. ;)


I was going to finish up my robe a l’anglaise to wear, but decided that I wanted use a different fabric. So, I hit the fabric store on Wednesday with a couple of 50% off coupons and that is what I came out with. While I was digging out my sewing machine, I also un-buried my 18th c. stays, my 18th c. chemise, my 18th c. puffer, my 18th c. under petticoat, my white stockings and my “as-close-as-I-can-afford-to-get-right-now” shoes. I spent the better part of the day sewing, while doing a few chores in between. After doing this and that, sewing and drinking copious amount of tea with honey, I have this to show for it:

IMG_20131026_172812_880 (1)I know it’s not exactly historically correct, but it was what I was aiming for. I love the printed Damask pattern, and it’s such a lovely shade of blue. (Thank you to Lance at the fabric store for helping be decide between the brown or the blue.) I still have few things I want to do to this dress (like finish the hook & eye closures [I had to wear pinned closed with straight pins], and add a few satin ribbon bows to the tops of the elbow flounces, and maybe a bit of trim here and there), but otherwise, I’m fairly pleased with it. But, there is more to the story. See, someone made an appearance to help me with this dress…..Jane.



Here’s Jane, all trussed up in my 18th c. stays. She was so happy to come up out of the sewing room to help with my dress, she was doing a great job. But, you know that doesn’t last long with Jane. Just being up on the main level of the house must have been more than she can handle, and at some point while I had my back turned, she apparently had a few drinks. After a while, she started slipping, literally:



As you can see, the skirts were pooling around her stand, and she was leaning a little toward her left. I tried getting her to stand up straight, but she just wouldn’t cooperate with me. lol. But, we kept working and got through it. 

Saturday arrived, I had completely lost my voice, but that didn’t keep me down. Nope. We had a party to go to. The Hubby dressed up as his ever favored Zombie Hunter (go figure, huh?), complete with a rubber crowbar I picked up for him at the local Big Box Store. But, for the girls, we hit the thrift shop. A half an hour and just under $40 later, we came out with everything Katie needed for her costume, and the rest of Annie’s costume. So, here are my geeky fangirls:

The 11th and 10th Doctors - photo courtesy of our good friend, Mr. Paxton.

The 11th and 10th Doctors – photo courtesy of our good friend, Mr. Paxton.

As you can tell, we are big Doctor Who fans. I had already picked up the fez and the 11th Doctor’s sonic screwdriver for Annie prior to Halloween, so that left the pants, suspenders, jacket and boots to complete the costume. For Katie, we found a brown pinstriped suit for under $8, and an awesome trench coat for about the same price, along with a nice shirt and tie. Since we weren’t sure if she was going to be attending the party, we didn’t have time to find her the 10th Doctor’s sonic screwdriver. Instead, she carried a Tardis key. ;) Since they went as the Doctors, I went as The Girl in the Fireplace. It’s been years since I’ve been to a Halloween costume party, and we had a blast. And, since the party was at a friend’s house out side of the city, we took up the invitation to stay over. Come Sunday morning, I was really be pulled under by my illness. When we went home, I promptly fell on the couch and slept most of the day. I woke up long enough to drive Katie back to the college, and just made it home in time to crash again.

After all that excitement, there isn’t too much to report. It took several weeks before I started to feel myself again, and there has only been a little knitting. Oh! Speaking of knitting. My youngest sister did have her baby boy. He was born exactly on his due date, November 1st. He is strong, healthy and cute as a button. I still have to finish up the afghan I am making for him, but I’m in the home stretch. Since this weekend will be a long weekend for me (being closed for Thanksgiving and Black Friday), I hope to have it finished before returning to work. My only other plans are the usual post-Thanksgiving activities, putting up the Christmas tree and other decorations. Oh. And Miss PJ and I may go see A White Christmas at the movies, as a local theater will be playing it for a couple of days only. And anyone who knows PJ and myself knows that that is our all time favorite Christmas movie. EVER!!! If I find it on tv, I will watch it, and I’m surprised I haven’t killed my dvd copy of it, yet. Seeing it on the big screen would be just awesome! So, we are going to do everything we can to make sure we go.

Well, that’s all I have today. Watch the side bar for the project page for the new costume. And, until next time…. Happy knitting and sewing!


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Teaser post!

What is this? Fabric? For sewing???

What is this? Fabric? For sewing???

Jane was let out of the dungeon.

Jane was let out of the dungeon.

A girl and her cat.

A girl and her cat.

More to come, in the next post……

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